RISOINFIORE Gloria rice with vegetables

Recipe by: In Cucina con Frollina blog giallozafferano.it/katiamontomoli/


° 300 g RISOINFIORE Gloria semi-white rice
° mixed pickled vegetables in oil
° sun-dried tomatoes in oil
° 1 hard-boiled egg
° ‘piccadilly’ cherry tomatoes
° 2 chicken frankfurters
° 2 tins of tuna fish in extra virgin olive oil
° salt and pepper to taste


Cook the rice in plenty of boiling salted water, I leave it ‘al dente’ because I like when it still has a bit of crunch. Once it is cooked, drain it and run it under cold water to stop the cooking, then set it aside. Boil the egg and leave it to cool. Now to prepare the dressing: drain the pickled vegetables and tomatoes in a colander, then chop into small pieces, doing the same with the frankfurters and the tuna. As for the onion, I cut it into fine roundels and soak it in a mix of balsamic and apple cider vinegars, which makes it delicious. We can now add the condiment to the rice and once plated, garnish it with the vegetables, onion and the egg cut into quarters.

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