Sponge cake with plums and RISOINFIORE rice flour

Recipe by: In Cucina con Frollina blog.giallozafferano.it/katiamontomoli/

° 5 plums
° 300 g of RISOINFIORE semi-wholegrain rice flour
° 3 eggs
° 1/2 cup of milk
° 1 sachet (16 g) of baking powder
° 90 g of butter for cooking the plums:
° 2 tablespoons of brown sugar
° 30 g of butter


Start with the plums: wash them, remove the stones and cut the flesh into slices, keeping two slices aside for decoration, then place the sliced plums in a saucepan with the 30 g of butter and the brown sugar. Let them cook for a few minutes, then spoon off some of the juice that will have formed before moving on to prepare the cake. Using a standing mixer with a wire whisk, beat together the butter and sugar, gradually add the juice of the cooked plums, the eggs and flour sieved together with the baking powder. After a few minutes, add the milk and last of all the cooked plums, but only once they have cooled. Mix together thoroughly and pour into a loaf tin lined with baking paper. Bake at 180 degrees for around 45 minutes, half-way through cooking I like to add the sliced plums to the top for decoration, and once cooked, I finish off with a dusting of icing sugar. Perfect for a scrumptious breakfast but also for a delicious, wholesome snack.

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