Rice flour tart with strawberry jam

Recipe by: In Cucina con Frollina blog.giallozafferano.it/katiamontomoli/

° 400 g of RISOINFIORE rice flour
° 200 g of gluten-free flour
° 2 whole eggs
° 2 egg yolks
° 150 g of sugar
° 1 sachet (16 g) of baking powder
° 200 g of sunflower seed oil
° lemon rind, grated
° strawberry jam with white chocolate by LA BUONA BOTTEGA


To make this tart, we combine the flours in a bowl, add the eggs and sugar and start to mix together, then add the sunflower seed oil and work all the ingredients together well, adding the lemon rind and last of all the baking powder. After kneading lightly into a ball of pastry, we roll it out to line the cake tin, spread the jam filling over the base and decorate the top. I used some flower-shaped cookie cutters for the pastry decorations. Then, bake the tart in the oven at 170 degrees for around 35 minutes. Once cooked, let the tart cool before transferring it to a serving plate. This tart is perfect for snack time, breakfast or for a sweet treat after a meal, plus it’s gluten-free so that’s an added value.

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