Our rice is certified “a Residuo ZERO” – “residue-free”.

RISOINFIORE Gloria variety long-grain rice is certified “A RESIDUO ZERO” – i.e. “RESIDUE-FREE”, which means that it has undergone full multiresidue analysis and has been found to be FREE FROM ANY TRACE OF PHYTOSANITARY PRODUCTS (report available in the downloads section).

The Gloria (semi-dwarf early long A) variety of long-grain rice is characterised by high yields and a low percentage of defective grains.

The grains are subjected to limited processing to produce a “semi-wholegrain” rice. Specifically, they undergo just one phase of polishing in order to preserve a real “rice” flavour and keep as much as possible of the rich store of protein that is found in the outer layers of the kernel.

With an amylose level between 18 and 19%, the end product is an ideal risotto rice.